Bumpy Facial Skin Worsens Appearance, Here’s How to Overcome It

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Bumpy facial skin is a common skin problem, and almost 85% of people experience it. It takes a struggle to get rid of the bumps on the face.

When the bumps stop by the face, you will feel the sensation of itching and soreness. The leather texture also becomes coarser, reddish in color, and prone to irritation.

Of course, this interferes with appearance. It is normal to rush to drive him away.

Bumpy Facial Skin Worsens Appearance, Here's How to Overcome It

Easy Steps to Overcome Bumpy Facial Skin

The causes of facial popping vary. Starting from allergic reactions, blockage of facial glands, weather, to air pollution. The use of unsuitable cosmetics also triggers skin bumps.

Although it is smaller in size than acne, it is barely noticeable, but it can cause discomfort and damage self-confidence. This one skin problem is difficult to eliminate. However, you can take some of the following natural ways.

Prevent Inflammation with Ice Cube

Ice cubes effectively relieve inflammation on facial skin. Use ice cubes as compresses, by wrapping them using cheesecloth.

Attach to the bursting area for one minute. The obligatory ritual is to make sure to clean your face first.

Apply Honey and Cinnamon Mask

A mixture of honey (raw honey) with cinnamon is also effective in overcoming bumpy facial skin. Mix then warm the two ingredients, then apply as a mask for 8-10 minutes.

Next, rinse with water thoroughly. Anti-inflammatory properties contained in honey can help overcome outbreaks.

Tea Tree Oil for Defense

Tea tree oil is effective in dealing with various types of acne. Apply a little tea tree oil to the face.

You can also mix it with essential oils. As long as it does not cause allergic reactions.

Aloe Vera

As a treatment step, apply aloe vera gel. Use it as a sleeping mask or simply apply it regularly. The content of the clear gel is proven effective in overcoming acne and skin inflammation.

Apple Vinegar for Mild Streaks

Apple cider vinegar is good in terms of bacterial control and overcoming bumpy facial skin. For light streaks, apply 1-2 times a day, after mixing it with water. Let stand for 10-20 seconds before rinsing with warm water.

Limit Milk Intake and Manage Stress Well

Intake of milk and various dairy products is one of the triggers for eruptions in facial skin. So, limit consuming it. In addition, try to be able to manage stress well because it has the potential to trigger a burst.

pH Balanced Soap

Face soap with a balanced pH helps relieve bumps. Routinely wash your face twice a day.  Avoid excessive use so that irritation does not occur.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is effective in overcoming itching while providing a calm sensation on the skin. Mix olive oil to get maximum results.

Overcoming bumpy facial skin does not have to be wasteful of budget. When there is a more effective and safe but cheap way, it never hurts to try. It’s just that, it must be consistent in care to achieve healthy, clean, burst-free facial skin.