The Sandwich Skincare Technique is Suitable for Those with Sensitive Skin

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The skincare sandwich technique needs to be known before doing it. Techniques to overcome dry or sensitive skin with skincare sandwiches. As we know, taking care to make your skin beautiful and healthy is the dream of all women.

One that you can use is the moisture sandwich. This new term is quite a lot of people talking about. So what does the beauty term mean? Let’s look at the explanation.

Sandwich Skincare Technique

Get to know the Skincare Sandwich Technique

In the world of beauty there are many ways to do treatments. As many people have discussed today, namely the sandwich technique.

As the name suggests, a sandwich is a layered food. But in this skincare technique it is not food, but skincare.

This technique is a method of using various skincare products and using them repeatedly.

In other words, you use one type of skincare product, but you apply it repeatedly. Just like any other treatment, there are several types of products that need to be applied sequentially.

But there is one that you can use in a repetitive way to maximize the results. The benefits of using the sandwich technique include:

Preventing Irritation from Certain Skincare Applications

One of the benefits of using the skincare sandwich technique is preventing irritation. The use of this facial care technique also serves to minimize side effects on sensitive skin.

When using skincare with harsh ingredients such as retinol. To be able to get the results you want in this method, it needs a simpler layer than the moisture sandwich.

This is because it aims to envelop retinol or the like. This way the results are still maximized, but the side effects that will be obtained are slightly depressed especially for those of you who have sensitive skin.

As we know if every woman has a different skin type. For that reason, before doing the treatment, know your skin type and the technique you will use.

Maximizing Skin Moisture

The main benefit of the skincare sandwich technique is to be able to help the skin stay maximally moisturized. Moisture sandwich is a method to layer skincare products by locking in hydration, reducing transepidermal water loss, and trapping water in the skin.

So your skin stays hydrated for longer. Using this method, moisturizer becomes the go-to product. In addition, use skincare products containing urea, hyaluronic acid and glycerin to maximize the results.

Unfortunately, the ingredients will be less than optimal if you are in an area with low humidity. For that, in order to overcome it, you should use the moisture sandwich method.

Using toner or face mist in each layer of skincare steps prevents the ingredients from reacting otherwise.

There are many ways to keep your face healthy and moisturized. One of them is by using the skincare sandwich technique that is currently trending among the wider community. You can get benefits by using the right technique.